And the word of the year is…

Logophiles the world over wait excitedly for this announcement every 12 months. It’s when Macquarie Dictionary release their highly anticipated verdict for Word of The Year… and the time is now, peeps.

In 2012 we saw the likes of ‘phantom vibration syndrome’ as the Committee’s Choice word (or rather, phrase), while ‘first world problem’ took out first place in the People’ Choice Award. But what about 2013? Did it deliver in the quirky yet culturally relevant word stakes? Lets take a look at the newfangled words that dominated 2013…

The Committee’s Choice for Word of the Year 2013:


noun. a person who craves information, especially one who takes advantage of their ready access to it on digital devices.

In other words, ever gotten into a heavy discussion with mates over “what’s-his-name” in “you know, that TV show”, only to whip out your smart phone to search for and confirm the identity of said TV star and show? Boom. Instant infovore status, buddy.


And now, the word we all really want to know…

The People’s Choice Award for 2013:


noun. 1.  a loose-fitting one-piece suit, usually of a stretch fabric, gathered at the wrists and ankles and loose at the crotch. 2.  a one-piece stretch garment for an infant, with or without legs and sleeves, sometimes enclosing the feet.

Let’s face it, we’ve all been to (or at least wished we’d been to) a onesie party. Enter the simple or funky one-piece adult suit, or go wild with animal themed pieces for that jungle effect. It’s a onesie. You wanted it. You loved it. And it was so the highlight of 2013.

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There you have it, word fiends and popular culturalists – the words that shaped and helped verbalise 2013. Until next year…

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