Working at The Co-op

I’ve been an intern at The Co-op Bookshop for the past 11 weeks, and today is my last day (sadface). Let me tell you why the last 2.5 months have been so awesome, and how you too could experience the awesomeness of working at The Co-op.

Spending every Friday in The Co-op office is amazing: from finding out that Friday is Chocolate Bickie Day (I seriously picked the best day ever to intern) to the day where I spent the whole 8 hours with Something for Kate as my soundtrack (I love you, iPod). And how could I forget the books I got discounted (and some for free) – yep, for a bibliophile, a job doesn’t get much better than free books.

I learned so many different things that it would take too long to list, but I’ve got a whole new skill set and a whole lot of knowledge that I can’t wait to put to good use. I got to work with a bunch of really cool people in a great environment, where even though you’re working, things can be pretty chill (comfy jeans and a cuppa – I might as well be at home!). So a massive thank-you to the incredible people who taught me so much (y’all know who you are).

And now that I’ve talked about why working with The Co-op is the greatest, you can see how The Best Job on Campus is the best thing ever. Work for The Co-op, get free stuff, chill out, party hard, have a few (or a lot) of laughs, and get paid for it. Anyone would be silly not to go for this. Get your application in now for The Best Job on Campus through Facebook and keep your fingers crossed. I had a great time working at The Co-op, and so could you.

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Kyra Bandteis at UOW studying creative writing and English literatures (all things writing, all the time). She’s always buying books faster than she can read them, but she’ll get to them all one day. Likes include coffee, board games, overcast skies, the colour green and throwing nouns together. Dislikes include cliches. 

Kyra is also completing a Copywriting and Public Relations Internship at the Co-op as part of her course.



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