Workouts for Readers & TV Fans

We all know it’s important to get plenty of exercise and stay healthy. But as the weather starts to slide and hearty soup and a cosy blanket starts calling your name, the motivation to work up a sweat and go running in the morning is quickly wearing thin. It’s just too easy to trade the treadmill for a good book or TV show. So, here are a few ways to binge and work out at the same time 🙂

For the readers…
  • Do the same number of crunches or push-ups as pages you read – 10 pages then 10 push-ups, then the next 10 pages followed by 10 crunches. (This is also good if you need to cram study time and exercise together)
  • If you’re getting deeply engrossed in a good book you might find yourself flying off the treadmill, so ditch the paperback and listen to an audiobook while working out on exercise equipment so you can maintain your posture and focus.
  • Hold a plank or child’s pose or any other yoga position you feel like while reading a few pages before swapping the position. You’ll still stretch and get ahead in your book.
  • Re-stack your bookshelves. It’ll involve lots of lifting and squats as you take everything down and then reorganise it.
  • Grab your book and head out on a long walk; maybe walk from one side of a beach until you find a nice, warm cafe to curl up with and read in before walking back home.
For the TV show binge watchers…
  • Put your fave TV show on your laptop or stick the treadmill in front of the TV and walk/jog for the length of an episode. You’ll have done the minimum daily required 30mins in no time.
  • If you’re watching normal TV that has adverts, then jump up and jog on the spot or do sit ups, squats and star jumps for the 5 minutes before you can crash on the couch to watch the rest of the show.
  • Make an exercise game – say you’re watching Game of Thrones, then do things like squats when the dragons come onscreen, lunges when someone dies, star jumps when someone says ‘you know nothing, Jon Snow’, and so on.
  • See how many reps you can do during a commercial or the opening credits of your show.
  • Watch a comedy and burn calories through laughter!
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