Ole, Ole, Ole …

It’s coming. Prepare yourself.

In just a few short days, millions of seemingly healthy people around the world will cut-off ties with the outside world as they are struck down with what is commonly referred to as ‘football fever’. This global outbreak occurs once every four years and lasts for one whole month. People, please be warned – football fever knows no boundaries and is deemed highly contagious.

Yep, that’s right – it’s FIFA World Cup 2014 time! Football Celebration

Running from 12 June to 13 July, this massive event will cause hundreds of thousands to descend upon the football grounds of Brazil, and millions more eyes around the world to stare intently at their TV screens. Why? To watch 32 teams from around the globe, each comprising of the game’s most talented athletes, compete for the coveted World Cup. (Btw, just so we’re clear … we’re talking about soccer football!)

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The Socceroos …

Australia has fought hard for their place in the World Cup, and the team are hungry for success. Skippered by the much-loved Tim Cahill, and supported by Vice-Captain Mark Bresciano, there’s no doubt the Socceroos are the underdogs of the competition. Not only are Australia the lowest-ranking of the 32 teams in the tournament, they are in one of the most difficult groups (the World Cup uses a knockout round format, with the 32 teams divided into eight groups of four; the winners from each group advance to the next round). However, this doesn’t seem to have phased the team, with midfielder Tommy Oar recently saying, “We are the underdogs. It will be a good opportunity for the Australian team to surprise, so this is all very exciting. And being in the ‘soccer country’ is an extra motivation, of course.”

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The Socceroos history  is full of highs and lows, but throughout it all they’ve always proven themselves to be up for the fight and have never let the ever-present underdog tag bother them. So, get behind the Aussies and cheer them on. You never know – it might just be the biggest upset in World Cup history.

Don’t understand football?

For anyone out there who isn’t normally a football fan but wants to get involved, here’s a quick guide to the rules, positions and other stuff you need to know. Then, all you gotta do is jump on that loud football fanatic bandwagon and get cheering! Even if you can’t be bothered learning the rules, just choose a team and head to one of the many places around Australia playing the games. Then, all you gotta do is rejoice when your team gets the ball in the goal and boo when the opposition takes a dive or scores! Even if you don’t care about the game, the atmosphere really is quite intoxicating. Enjoy!






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