Ya’ mum

Everyone likes to show that they appreciate mummy dearest in some way or another. I usually do it by writing wacky poems for her in fluorescent heart-shaped cards, but that’s not for everyone. As much as I encourage you to be creative about your gifts, it is important to show you appreciate mum this Mother’s Day, with a token of thanks. Beauty products are great; makeup, bath supplies and skincare all do the trick and are definitely a winner in mum’s books.

However, as we move deeper into the digital age, mums are becoming increasingly more curious about new tech gadgets, even if they won’t admit it themselves. Something you might consider getting her this year could be the BoomBox, available at The Co-op. It’s basically a portable boom box speaker for your music, so now mum can take those 70’s classics with her wherever she goes, and spread the groovy vibe to those around her. If that wasn’t enough, it comes in purple (or a range of other funky hues)! Check them out online here.

As a student, I know it can sometimes be hard to get on top of things, so make sure you leave plenty of time to go out and get that special gift. If all else fails and desperate measures are calling, I’ve written a short poem you may use:

Dear Mum,

Your are my treasure,

Loving you is my pleasure,

You treat me well,

Picked me up when I fell.

You really are the best,

The mum with all the zest!


[Insert name here]

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Or… you could just get her that cool gadget. (I won’t be offended).

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