Yes Please by Amy Poehler

Finally!! I have been waiting all year for this! Amy Poehler, the talented, funny maven of comedy has released Yes Please – part bio, part life advice column, a whole lot of comedy. Amy is a hilarious and acclaimed actress, comedienne, mother of 2, other half of Tina Fey and all-round brilliant person! She stars in Mean Girls, regularly appears on Saturday Night Live and writes, acts and produces Parks and Recreations.

So, she has finally written her part bio/part ‘missive from the middle’, Yes Please. She does not gloss over the struggles of writing a book and balancing her full life, which kind of makes me immediately like her even more. She’s unapologetic and real. And wickedly smart and funny of course!


Cue the happy dancing!


Yes Please is not a misery-memoir about turning pain into art or some such thing! It’s just a great, chatty and witty read. Amy’s life is interesting, her loyalty and passion for teamwork is inspiring. When Amy does dish out advice, it’s solid stuff that’s come from a well-lived life.

What do I like about Amy Poehler? She’s unapologetic, fierce, loyal, kind, funny, real. She doesn’t mince words about the pressures of maintaining family and a career, the pressure to stay thin and beautiful in the film industry, and doesn’t hide her own faults to appear perfect. No matter what the topic, Amy’s warmth and brilliance radiates off the page.

I truly enjoyed reading Yes Please, I laughed, then laughed some more! Amy Poehler is an inspiring woman with many great insights and lessons in Yes Please. Amy has also founded Amy’s Smart Girls with producer Meredith Walker and Amy Miles, which inspires young woman around the world to ‘change the world by being yourself’; check out their foundation here.

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Yes Please is a great book to read with Tina Fey’s Bossypants – (Tina and Amy are the perfect comedy duo, just look at them below. Crushed it) – and would make the perfect gift for yourself or best friend this Christmas!

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