“You said HOW much?!”

One of the most daunting aspects of securing your first job can be negotiating your salary. Many jobs that you see advertised will describe the salary as “negotiable” rather than stating the exact amount. In these cases, the employer is prepared to be flexible with the salary in order to attract the best candidate for the role. However, being fresh out of uni, not many of us know how much money graduates should expect to make in the first job of their career. Many might feel anxious and uncomfortable when the time comes to “negotiate” salaries.

Imagine this: You’ve been to the interview, sat the aptitude test, started to relax a little as you have become acquainted with the company and staff – and you are pretty confident now… surely you’ve got this job! You go to your final interview and BOOM! The dreaded question is asked… “What salary range were you thinking of?”

How should you respond to this question? What’s the right answer?  Unfortunately, there is actually no “correct” answer, as every situation differs. That said, here are some “salary negotiation tips” that MAY make the process a little easier and less stressful!

  • Come prepared by doing some research
  • Show confidence and maintain a positive attitude – know you are worth it!
  • Leave the “serious talk” until later in the recruitment process, as you will be in a stronger position if the employer is keen to employ you
  • Be honest about your skills and experience
  • Request some time to consider a salary offer, maybe a day or two
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Once you have successfully agreed on a salary, get it in writing. Good luck!


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