Why on-campus jobs are awesome

As far as jobs for students go, on-campus jobs are probably the best. Just like cheesecakes are the best surprises, or Nutella-covered bread is the best kind of bread. I realise that none of the readers of this blog need analogies to explain the meaning of the word “best”, and it would probably be best just to leave them out altogether.

On-campus jobs are excellent because they’re designed for students. This means that employers are typically flexible about hours, so that work can be structured around your classes. You don’t need to travel far from class to work if both of them are in the same place, and benefits such as staff discounts or merely having an extra ‘base of operations’ can make your uni experience a lot more fun. What’s more, some of your friends might appreciate the perks that they gain from your hard work!

There are plenty of websites which you can use in order to find jobs on or near your campus. Your university website might provide you with some links, as might job agencies in the local area. Look around for bulletin boards or job newsletters which potential employers use to keep students informed of opportunities. You could even check out our job vacancies at the Co-op!

However, sometimes the most effective way to find jobs on campus is to print a few CVs and personally visit businesses – caf├ęs, bookshops, colleges, residential halls, and anything else you can find. You don’t know what you’ll hear until you ask!

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