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The Co-op Wins Multichannel Retailer of the Year

The Co-op has been named Multichannel Retailer of the Year at the 2015 National Retail Association (NRA) Rewards for Excellence during an elaborate ‘Mad Hatter’ themed awards dinner in Melbourne, June 2nd 2015. This prestigious award highlights just how far the Co-op has come on its business transformation journey, which began less than three years ago.

“We are absolutely delighted to receive this award,” commented Peter Knock, the Co-op’s Chief Executive Officer. “This is a major win for the Co-op and a true credit to the hard work the entire Co-op team has put into creating an innovative and unique multichannel retailer.”


Pictured receiving the award is Greg Smith, Chief Commercial Officer, The Co-op

These awards recognise the best of the best in the retail industry, acknowledging elite individuals and businesses who have consistently proven to be thought-leaders in their field, and who are setting a whole new standard of excellence in the sector.

Despite increasing shifts in the retail industry, the Co-op has adopted a number of strategic measures to transform the future of multi-channel retailing.  After extensive market research into the concerns, needs and wants of the modern day consumer, the Co-op formulated a strong multichannel strategy focused towards delivering an outstanding customer-centric multichannel retail experience including organic, customer relationship, and digital marketing channels.

The Co-op’s industry leading and innovative strategy allows their consumers to interact with their brand 24/7, however they want, wherever they want. This is a key reason the business was awarded this year’s NRA Multichannel Retailer of the Year.

The Co-op has evolved to become one of Australia’s premier multichannel retailers with 60 stores, a membership base of 1.8 million members and a digital footprint that has more than doubled in sales over the past two and a half years.

“Our transformation journey is something that is ongoing, and gaining this industry recognition only further bolsters the Co-op’s commitment to achieving our goal of becoming the most innovative member-owned retailer in the world,” Mr Knock stated. “We are so excited about the future, with all of us here at the Co-op working tirelessly to improve our Member experience and the multi-channel retail experience as a whole.”


Homer Simpson’s Guide to University

Homer Simpson is a deep (and round) well of unique wisdom, with views on the world like no one else. Here we’ve brought together some of Homer’s wisest* words for you can look to for guidance** during university.

*May not be wise
**May not actually help

Homer Simpson on hard work …

Image: Tumbler



Homer Simpson on nutrition …

Video: YouTube


Homer Simpson on using music to focus…

Image: Giphy


Homer Simpson on study/life balance…

Image: memecrunch 

Homer Simpson on failure…

Image: Pinterest


Homer Simpson on why it would be nice to succeed…

Image: Peg It Board


Homer Simpson on fitting in…

Image: Reddit


Homer Simpson on what to do in exams…

Image: Reddit


Homer Simpson on going out…

Image: Twitter


Homer Simpson on facts…

Image: YouTube


Homer Simpson on beer…

Image: YouTube


For more words of wisdom from Homer Simpson, check out Homer Simpson’s Little Book of Laziness, available now at the Co-op! They might even help you get through uni … or give you a laugh at the very least!


Get organised for 2015

In this digital age I’ve done what most of us have done and moved to using an online calendar synced to my phone to keep organised.

Only problem was that I didn’t check it all the time, and I found I could only set one reminder for events, calendars didn’t sync across devices, or I didn’t put the event in the calendar at all …

This meant that there were a number (yup, more than a few) where I totally forgot about an event and was at home in my pjs in no state to go out, or I’d double booked and was out with one group when I should have been somewhere else.


Then partway through last year I was given a wall calendar someone thought I’d like because of the pictures. I thought thanks, but I don’t actually use a printed wall calendar.

But I put it up and I started using it, and, surprise surprise, my event MIA frequency dropped dramatically.

It’s in a high traffic area at home so I walk past it a lot, and I think I’ve been taking in the information by osmosis, and now when I talk about making plans I picture the calendar in my head and have an idea of what is going on,  even if my phone may say otherwise.

So, if you’d like to give the old school way of things a go, we’ve got a range of snazzy diaries and calendars for sale here, or you can pick up one of our poster-sized free wall planners in-store at your local Co-op. If you don’t have a Co-op store near by, you can print your own copy in A4 or A3 with our Co-op 2015 Wall Planner.


Christmas Games

1. Christmas Song Charades

Everyone knows how fun charades can be, particularly when you have a few eggnogs under the belt! Give it a festive spin and act out all your favourite Christmas carols. Hilarity is guaranteed!

2. Blind Christmas

This fun and creative game is great for all ages, whether younger kids or friends enjoying some turkey and a tipple!

The Rules:
Each person is given a piece of paper. They then must attempt to rip it into the shape of a Christmas tree … all while holding it behind their back. No looking is allowed, even once they’ve finished making the tree, because there’s still the decorations to do! Each person receives stickers to pretty up their tree with, all of which must be done with their eyes closed. When everyone’s finished, looking is allowed and the judging begins! The person whose tree is voted best is the winner!


3. The Home Alone Drinking Game

Who doesn’t love watching Home Alone, the story of little Kevin McAllister (played by Macauley Culkin before he lost his innocence) and his adventures  while home by himself at Christmas. And this adults-only game is perfect to play on Christmas night!

What you’ll need:
Your favourite alcoholic beverage and the Home Alone DVD.

The Rules:

It’s quite simple. All you need to do is take a drink every time:

  • Any character insults or threatens Kevin
  • Any character speaks or attempts to speak French
  • Any character says pizza, Paris, or polka
  • Any character gets hurt
  • Kevin screams, talks to himself, or insults someone

4. Two Christmas Truths and a Lie

The perfect game for the larger Christmas gathering, this game separates the amateurs and the pros in the fibbing department!

The Rules:
Each person must stand up before the group, introduce themselves and then proceed to state two Christmas-themed truths and one lie. Example topics include:

  • Worst Christmas present you ever received
  • Things that happened at a work (or any) Christmas party
  • Worst Christmas present you ever given

When all three statements have been made, the rest of the players must try and guess which statement is the lie.


Love games? Check out the Co-op’s huge range of board games and activity sets now! If you can hold out, the Co-op’s January Sale has up to 50% off selected board games!





Brand Neuroscience Research Survey

We would like to thank all the cool people who participated in our Brand Neuroscience Survey last month! We had an overwhelming response, and all of the input will help us to improve and grow as a business.

We’d especially like to congratulate the five winners, who received $100 cash for participating:

  • Peter G.
  • Mark W.
  • Catherine F.
  • Melanie J H.
  • Gabriella A.

The results of the survey will go towards helping us better understand you, our customers, and deliver an even better Co-op experience into the future.





Summer Festival Essentials

Summer is most definitely here. And when the temperature heats up, there’s no denying the fact that the proclivity to party becomes a little more pronounced, particularly given the awesome summer music festivals on the calendar in the coming months! But before you tread the grass and dance the day and night away, head to the Co-op for all your summer festival essentials.

Budget-friendly sunnies that actually look good!

The Co-op has a fantastic range of Unity sunglasses. No matter what your style – hipster, punk, gym bunny, hippy, rockstar, style guru or just someone genuinely looking for a good pair of sunnies that don’t cost a bomb – the Co-op range has something for you, and all of them just $19.95 for Members. Click here to check them all out.

Unity Eyewear Black Silver Studs Green Mono Lens

Black Silver Studs Green Mono Lens

Unity Eyewear Fashion Flat Top Gold Chain Temple

Fashion Flat Top Gold Chain Temple

Unity Eyewear Gold Red Revo Mirror Lens

Aviator-Style – Gold Red Mirror Lens











 Pocket Poncho

Pocket Poncho

Australia’s epic summer storms can often provide much-needed relief at chock-a-block festivals full of sweaty punters. It can also leave you cold, uncomfortable and mildly embarrassed for those sporting white. Avoid te problems rain can bring with the pocket poncho!







 Music a go-go
Beach Sounds Tallow - Blue

Sunny Life Beach Sounds Speaker

WOW Bluetooth Speaker Red

WOW Bluetooth Speaker

Need on the go music in between sets when you’re hanging with mates away from the stage or back at the campsite? The Co-op has heaps of awesome portable speakers to choose from. Check out the entire range here.







 Charge It Up

There’s nothing worse than having no juice left in your phone when you’re at a festival. Particularly if you lose your friends and can’t ring them, and then spend the rest of the day wandering around, desperately trying to find them. Or what about if your phone dies right before you see your favourite band live for the first time! That means you can’t Snapchat anyone, Instagram the moment or update your Facebook status! #worstnightmare

The Co-op’s huge range of Mobile Phone Power Packs has got you covered. Check out the full range here.

Juice Pack Air for iPhone 5 - Black

Juice Pack Air for iPhone 5

Juice Pack for Samsung Galaxy S4 - Black

Juice Pack Samsung Galaxy S4










Inflatable Duck … Just Because


Forget flamingoes. This giant inflatable duck is all you need to stand out
in the crowd at that summer festival. Why? We say why not?











Sell Us Your Textbooks – Score Cash Instantly!

Uni’s out and summer’s on! Now it’s time to kick up your heels, let down your hair down and party! Wait … what? Oh, right. Yeah, it can be pretty difficult when your bank account struggles to keep up with your social life … Read on!

Head into any Co-op store with your old textbooks, hand over your old textbooks and you could score some extra cash instantly. The Co-op buys back thousands of different textbook titles year-round, which we then resell at a discounted price to future students.

By bringing in any of the texts on the list (download the full list here) , you could get up to 40% cash back, on the spot. No waiting around. No mailing books. Simply drop it off to the friendly team and walk away with a wad of cash in your sky-rocket. If you’re more the cashless kind of crusader, we’ll happily put it on your card.

The Co-op’s Bucks 4 Books program is just one of the things we do to make uni life more affordable for students and give back to our Members. Not only are you getting rid of old textbooks you don’t need and scoring extra cash, you’re also waving the invisible eco-warrior flag by recycling. It’s a win win situation!

So, bring your eligible textbooks in to any store. It doesn’t matter where you originally bought your book from – so long as the ISBN appears on our list of buyback titles.






Travel Tips – Choosing Your Accommodation

Choosing the right accommodation when travelling is vital. Because, let’s face it, with just one click of the “book it” button you could be setting yourself up for a holiday in a bedbug-infested shack that causes nightmares for years (and sometimes scars – trust me, I’ve got them!)

Here are some helpful hints to help you choose the right accommodation when you’re going on a trip:

1. Research, research, research

Sites such as TripAdvisor allow you to get some honest thoughts on the accommodation. Yeah, sometimes they’re cray (you know the ones – “I wanted my eggs poached and I got fried instead! FRIED! What do they think this is?! Needless to say, we packed our bags and left immediately.” But you just gotta use your judgement and common sense. If the same negative comments about dirty bathrooms and unfriendly staff are coming up over and again, there’s more than likely some truth to it.

2. Figure out what you want and go from there

What do you want from your holiday? Is it total relaxation. Non-stop partying? Adventure? Luxury? Do you want to make new friends? Immerse yourself in the local culture? Whatever it is, it’s good to have somewhat of an idea when choosing accommodation. That way you can select places that will are more in line with what you’re hoping to get out of the trip.

3. Don’t limit yourself and know your options 

Many people, when they think of holiday accommodation, immediately think of just the traditional options, such as hotels, resorts and hostels. This can often lead to people on a budget settling for a less than ideal place. But there really is so much more out there these days – Airbnb, Couchsurfing,private rentals, guesthouses, homestays and more. Explore your options. You just don’t know what you’ll find!

4. Speak to people

Going somewhere your friends or family have been before? Ask them where they stayed. More importantly, find out if they’d recommend it! If you’re backpacking around, ask fellow travellers you meet along the way. The best way to discover the hidden gems of a city is through word of mouth.

5. Google that sh*t

Once you’ve got your shortlist, Google your potential lodging and see what comes up. The results may make your decision that much easier!

PLANNING A TRIP? You’ll find heaps of great travel advice, tips and destination information to plan your journey within the Co-op’s extensive range of Lonely Planet travel guides. Check them out here!

The Co-op at VU MetroWest Is Opening!

When the season ticks over from Spring to Summer on December 1, the Co-op will be opening the doors at its new and improved VU Nicholson store, which has relocated to the exciting new VU at MetroWest facility. Not only will the the Co-op at VU MetroWest store have more floor space for you to wander around in, it’ll be jam-packed with an even greater range of awesome books and cool general merchandise, as well as all the textbooks uni students need.

This is set to be a store that not only VU students and staff will enjoy, but also the broader Footscray community. Head in-store and check out the variety of bestselling fiction, pop culture collectables, cookbooks, VU-branded apparel, games and other items of awesomeness. It will even be opening it’s very own café in the near future, Co-Café, the perfect place to sit down and catch up with friends between classes (or shopping trips)!  As always, all Co-op Members receive discounts on everything in-store! So, if you’re not yet a Member, get on it now. Click here to join now and start scoring sweet discounts and benefits for life!

The existing VU Nicholson store’s final day of trading was yesterday. If you have any urgent enquiries for the store prior to Monday, December 1, please contact the Co-op Footscray Park on (03) 9919 4610 or email

The new Co-op at VU MetroWest is located at street address:  138 Nicholson Street, Footscray 3011



UQ Ipswich Closure

The Co-op is set to close up shop and cease trade at The University of Queensland Ipswich this week, as the University has sold the campus and is withdrawing from it entirely. All UQ students and staff will be moving from the Ipswich site, meaning the Co-op is no longer required there.

We’ve loved being a part of the UQ community at Ipswich and would like to say thank you to all students, staff and other customers who have come to our store since we first opened our doors. A big shout out must also go to Kylie Belford, who has been the Store Manager and a much-valued Co-op team member at the Ipswich store for more than five years. Thanks for all your hard work and all the very best!

Friday 21 November will be the store’s last day of trade. For any related enquiries after this date, please contact The Co-op’s UQ St Lucia store on (07) 3365 8585