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The Co-op Visits the Frankfurt Book Fair

The Co-op recently attended the 2014 Frankfurt Book Fair, the world’s largest trade fair for the industry. Held over five days in October, the event saw more than 270,000 visitors plus 9,000 media professionals come together for an action-packed week. Amelia Prociv, the Co-op’s National Merchandise Manager, attended the event this year. Here, she shares her highlights:

It was great to be able to meet with academic publishers from the US, Europe and the UK, and catch up on the state of business around the world. There’s no denying that some halls were quieter than usual, however the main courtyard and German halls were as crazy as always, especially on the Public Days! The publishers we spoke to felt that the industry’s key players were still attending, and the meetings that were held were definitely worthwhile and productive.

More and more each year, digital education is a strong focus of the Fair and the halls were certainly brimming with options from all around the world. The Hot Zones around the halls were buzzing with presentations and talks on digital platforms and products across all tiers of education and publishing in general. Judging by the well-attended sessions, it is obvious the publishing world is sitting up and taking notice now more than ever.

I was excited to be able to present the Co-op’s new Digital Student Network to a number of international academic publishers, and the feedback from all was extremely positive. This only helps to boost our enthusiasm and excitement at the Co-op about launching our revolutionary new learning platform.

It is the first truly publisher-agnostic digital platform aimed at tertiary students, and there will be a great range of both trade and academic content ready to go in time for Semester 1 2015. Not only does it have Australia’s widest range of academic eBooks, it provides students and teachers the chance to network around their learning resources. At the Co-op, we strongly believe the Co-op Student Network will revolutionise the landscape of digital learning resources, bringing the content of educational publishers to more students, teachers and academics than ever before. Receiving such fantastic feedback from key international figures in the academic publishing world only bolstered our confidence in it.


How to Win in Your New Job

Meet Jim

Jim’s just about to graduate from university. Lucky for him, his hard work has paid off and he’s already been offered a new graduate position in the new year. Jim’s super stoked and really excited to begin; however, he’s a little nervous. He’s done a couple of short internships throughout his university studies, but nothing long-term. As the office arena is still pretty new to him, Jim is a little anxious about how he’s going to fit into the workplace and avoid the office politics he often hears about.

Jim wants to get off on the right foot at his new company and make good relationships. He also wants to ensure he has the opportunity to show he’s got what it takes to do great things and grow in the role.

Jim wants some advice on how he should approach the workplace “arena”?

Some advice for Jim

Starting off at a new company is always a little nerve-wracking. But it’s important to realise the importance of establishing good relationships with co-workers from day one. Don’t worry if you feel like you don’t fit in straight away. That’s the same for everyone! It can sometimes be useful to look to the behaviour of your colleagues to better understand the “vibe” of the company – what’s acceptable, what’s not in terms of dress code, lunching, office hours, meeting styles, emails etcetera. This can really help to ease your anxieties about “not fitting in” to the company.

1. Don’t be afraid to ask questions.

You’re new to the company; there’s no way you can know the answers to everything. Don’t waste time trying to solve a problem on your own, as it is often less efficient and can also result in avoidable errors. Seek assistance from your manager or one of your colleagues.  This being said, do not continually ask the same question. Ask the question, listen and learn, ensure you properly understand it, and away you go!

2. Don’t take on other tasks until you’ve nailed the one you were hired for.

If you really want to become a standout at the company, begin by focusing all your attention on the role you were hired for. Once you excel at that and you prove to your manager that you have great potential, your time to shine in the spotlight will come.

3. Get to know your co-workers and build rapport.

Introduce yourself to everyone you interact with and try to get to know them on a personal level. If you are able, take a lunch break with them. Avoid existing cliques; be open to office friendships with all your co-workers, and don’t let other people’s opinions or gossiping dissuade you from getting to know someone.

4. Be honest but accepting of existing processes.

Many companies have “there way of doing things”. Many of these may not make sense to you, may seem inefficient or may be different from what you’re used to. Give the processes a chance; often you will realise why it’s implemented in such a way. If after a while you still feel the process is not working well, raise your concerns and suggest an appropriate alternative in a friendly and constructive manner. Tip: do not simply complain and not offer possible solutions.

5. Stay away from office politics.

Gossip and bitching exists in almost every office. Don’t engage with it. If you can walk away, do so. If you can’t stay out of it and keep quiet! There’s nothing to be gained from gossip in the office, and there’s plenty to be lost if it turns nasty. You’re at the beginning of your career, and building your working relationships is vital to success and growth.

6. Offer to assist where you can.

As you settle more into your role, you may want to start putting your hand up to assist your co-workers with extra projects outside your work scope. Whether this is simply sitting in on meetings or playing an integral part in a task, this will prove your are a team player and motivated to helping the business succeed. It will also give you the opportunity to learn new skills while playing an active role at your company.

7. Be enthusiastic, stay positive!

Maintaining a positive attitude at work is one of the most important things to remember when in the workplace, and it’s so very simple. Stay motivated, be enthusiastic and be bold. A successful future awaits!





Movember 2014

It’s that time of year again; a time when facial shavers are set aside and men’s upper lips sprout creations that resemble hairy slugs. Yep, it’s Movember!

Organised by the Movember Foundation, the event challenges men to grow moustaches for the entire month of November, as well as spark conversations and raise awareness and much-needed funds for men affected by prostate cancer, testicular cancer and mental health problems. $580 million has been raised to date, and all of it has gone towards improving and saving the lives of unwell men around the world. Don’t worry, even though November/Movember has already commenced, there are still plenty of ways for you (guys and gals) to get involved, show your support and really make a difference to this worthy cause. Find out how to get involved here!

Need a few tips on creating facial follicular fabulousness? Check out Rufus Cavendish’s The Little Book of Moustaches. Otherwise, get into the Movember spirit by heading to the Co-op Shop for a heap of Marvellous Moustache goodies, including Stick On Moustaches, Moustache Pint Glass, Moustache Mug and more! Check them all out here!


Now let us celebrate Movember by admiring some of history’s most glorious mos …

Tom Selleck


Burt Reynolds








The Co-op’s Now Open in Parramatta!

We’ve opened up yet another store, this time in one of the country’s busiest shopping areas in Western Sydney’s Parramatta. Woo hoo!

We’re extremely excited about this new addition, which opened its freshly-shined doors on Monday. The store is just one of the many innovative ways the Co-op is exploring growth opportunities outside of traditional university campuses.

ACU2Located between the newly-developed Church Street Mall Plaza, Westfield Parramatta and Parramatta train station, the store will be passed by more than 40,000 commuters every day. It will cater to the needs of students and staff from the University of New England Parramatta, as well as other training and learning centres in Western Sydney.

Along with offering textbooks, course notes and study supplies, the store will focus on re-engaging with lost Members through sales to the general public. There’s a wide range of general merchandise for shoppers, including fiction and non-fiction books, tech gear, health and beauty items, games and homewares.

This new store brings the Co-op’s total number of store to 58 around Australia.










The store was ready for business thanks to the hard work and elbow grease of a few awesome members of the Co-op team. Check out this quick time-lapse video of the three-day creation:





We Won! | APA Awards Wrap Up

The winners of the 2014 for campus booksellers were presented last month at the annual Tertiary Access Group conference in Sydney. We were thrilled to take home two awards on the day, and be named runner-up in three more categories. Yay us!

Our APA Award Successes

Most Effective Engagement with Campus Community
Winner: The Co-op, Macquarie University
Runner-Up: UNSW Bookshop

Most Effective Copyright Protection Initiatives
Winner: The Co-op, Sydney University
Runner Up: QUT Bookshop

Best Textbook Buyers and Sales Staff
Winner: Monash University Bookshop, Caulfield
Runner Up: The Co-op, Queensland University

Best Ordering and Stocking Practice
Winner: QUT Bookshop
Runner Up: The Co-op, Edith Cowan University

Most Effective Sell Through and Marketing Initiative
Winner: UNSW Bookshop
Runner Up: The Co-op, Sydney University



Want Instant Cash? Sell Us Your Textbooks!

Got a heap of old textbooks? Yes! Want instant cash? Umm, obvs.

Well then, you’re just the person the Co-op is looking for! Head into any Co-op store, along with your pre-loved textbooks (or perhaps they’re not so loved if they were the textbooks you needed for that super hard subject!), and discover the true awesomesness that is the Bucks 4 Books program.

As long as your textbook is on the Textbook Buyback list, we’ll take it off your hands and give you up to 30% of the RRP in cash on the spot (oh, if you’re into the whole cashless living thing, we can totes put it on your card). We’re buying back thousands of textbooks – head to the Book Character with dollar signTextbook Buyback page and download the full textbook buyback list.

The exact buy-back amount will be determined by the store manager and is based on the condition of your book, so refrain from doodling all over it, tearing out pages for paper planes or impromptu origami sessions.

It doesn’t matter where you originally bought the book from …

That’s right! We don’t care if you bought the textbook at the Co-op, another store, or even if you found it in the back of your best mate’s car*. So long as the book’s ISBN appears on the list, you’re in the money!

Come one, come all! We’re buying from everyone!

Whether you’re a student, a lecturer, a staff member or someone else altogether, the Co-op will buy back your textbooks! So, bring them in to the store and we’ll happily take them off your hands. By selling your old books you’ll not only declutter your room of all your textbooks-turn-doorstops but you’ll also top up your bank balance and gain extra good karma points by being green and recycling. This really is a win-win sitch!

Check out the Terms and Conditions for more info, and don’t forget to download the full list of approved buy-back titles. #bucks4books

*The Co-op advises you ask any best mate before removing textbooks
from aforementioned back seat




The Co-op Announces Three New Stores

We’re so excited to announce that the Co-op has added three more sites to its store network, all of which are due to open in October. These latest additions mean more Members are able to more easily access the essentials they need for study, work and play, providing them with access to awesome products and services that are both practical and affordable.

“The Co-op is a customer-focused retailer, one committed to improving the student experience and university life as a whole,” commented Peter Knock, Chief Executive Officer at the Co-op. “By expanding our retail network and extending to more campuses, we are able to play an active role in the development and support of even more people across Australia. We’re thrilled to be growing and diversifying as a business and look forward to forging strong and positive relationships with even more students and staff. As always, all profits made from these stores will be directed back to Co-op Members in the form of discounts, scholarships and sponsorships.”


James Cook University – Townsville and Cairns

The Co-op will open two new stores at JCU, one at its Cairns campus and another at its Townsville campus. These are the first Co-op stores to open at the North Queensland uni. Both stores will offer textbooks and other learning essentials for students, along with general fiction and non-fiction titles and general merchandise, including items in the mobile, technology, beau, sports, fitness and stationery sectors.


Charles Sturt University – Port Macquarie

The Co-op is coming to CSU – Port Macquarie , which is currently in the development stages of becoming a full-service campus with a comprehensive course profile for up to 5,000 students by 2030. The Port Macquarie site, to be located in the Lake Innes Village shopping centre that is adjacent to the new campus site, will be equipped with an in-house café, the third Co-op store to offer this facility. It will offer textbooks and specialist learning materials, along with a range of general merchandise including fiction and non-fiction books, tech gear, beauty items, fitness, stationery and software, as well as unique CSU branded apparel and memorabilia. Furthermore, the store will be a space to promote CSU in the Mid-North Coast by providing promotional material on the University’s course offerings and development updates on CSU’s new permanent campus.



THEME ON! Official Theme Party List for UNIGAMES 2014

UNIGAMES 2014 is almost upon us. This means competition, athletic awesomeness and champion sportspeople doing their thang. But let’s be honest – it’s the parties, dress-ups and hilarious antics that matter most! To give you as much time as possible to get your schmicko costumes ready, here is the official UNIGAMES 2014 theme list. Get creative, people! This is your time to shine!

Sunday – Team colours

Location – Ivy (ticket required)

Show your pride and wear your uni colours while you party on opening night! There are heaps of branded uni apparel  at the Co-op for you to adorn yourself with. Or you may want to even get a little adventurous … if you don’t mind body paint!

Disclaimer: we are not endorsing a complete metamorphosis into a reptile-like creature.


Monday – Traffic Light Party

LocationCargo Bar, the Loft and Bungalow 8

The rules are simple –




Have fun and play nice! 😉

Bump It Up Walls | mistercooke's teaching blog


Tuesday – Retro Sports

LocationIvy (ticket required)

Sweatbands at the ready. It’s time to boogie in your very best retro sportswear!

150328715 150328788










Wednesday – Double Denim

LocationHome and Pontoon

If it was good enough for JT and Britney back in the day, it’s good enough for UNIGAMES 2014. Get into the spirit and rock the sh*t out of the Canadian tuxedo.

Thursday – Superheroes & Villians

LocationHome and Pontoon

Are you a goodie or a baddie? A Batman lover or Joker fan? Have a little fun and dress up as your favourite character on the final night of partying.







Indigenous Literacy Day


Today is Indigenous Literacy Day! Get behind this amazing cause and give young Indigenous Australians in remote Australian communities the chance to improve their reading skills, and discover the joy and wonder books provide.


Some of my fondest childhood memories involve books – reading them, buying them, opening them at Christmas, falling in love with their magic. I vividly remember reading The Jolly Postman over and again, pulling out the letters from each of the envelopes and marvelling at the ‘handwritten’ notes addressed to the different fairytale characters. Primary school was a time of me begging my parents to take me to the bookstore to buy the latest Goosebumps book. Once I had my hands on it, I would stay up well beyond a respectable bedtime to finish it (often resulting in me being too scared to walk through my dark house to go to the bathroom or investigate that ‘strange noise’ I could suddenly hear!). Morris Gleitzman and Paul Jennings were two names that lined my bookshelves as a youngster, their books not only providing me with many laughs but also teaching me that the creativity of books are only as limited as your imagination.

These are memories I wouldn’t trade for anything, ones I still treasure to this day. Books played a vital part in my childhood (and still do today) – they helped me become more creative, imaginative, adventurous and curious about the world. They also taught me that as long there’s a book around you needn’t be bored or lonely. And every child deserves this opportunity. Sadly, not all kids in Australia have it. Imagine going through life not being able to read a newspaper, an advertisement or even an email from a friend. Sadly, this is a reality faced by many Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders living in remote communities today. And this is what the Indigenous Literacy Foundation are working hard to fix – and what Indigenous Literacy Day is all about.

Indigenous Literacy Foundation Vision

Our mission is to make a positive difference in the lives of Australian Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander children by focusing on ways to improve their literacy levels. We believe that a young child’s future educational experiences can be greatly improved through enjoyable and positive engagements with books in both the family and community environments at an early age.

The funds raised by the foundation go towards providing books and literacy resources for Indigenous kids and families in remote communities, all in a bid to level the playing field so that all Australian kids have the same opportunities to develop a life long love of reading. For just a few bucks, you can make a real difference too – a small donation goes a long way to changing the lives of many young Indigenous kids in remote Australia. Donate here! Alternatively head into any Co-op store at Griffith University today and a percentage of your purchase will go towards The Indigenous Literacy Foundation. You can also show your support by donating to one of the ILF donation boxes, which you’ll find in Co-op stores around the country.


WIN: The Co-op & Red Bull Want To See Your Doodle

So, you think your doodle’s got what it takes? Get involved and show the world –  it could see you end up in Cape Town, South Africa! 

Alright, girls and boys – get your mind out of the gutter. We’re talking about doodle art here. You know, the kind that covers your RED-BULLuni books and study notes? Yes, that’s right! Those scribbles that always got you in trouble during school could end up being your golden ticket to success!

If you think you’re a doodle king or queen, head into any Co-op store and enter the Red Bull Doodle Art competition. The winning entrant will be awarded a one-in-a-million design internship at Red Bull headquarters in Cape Town, which has been appointed as World Design Capital for 2014!

So, what exactly do you need to do? Simply head into any Co-op store on campus, pick up one of the specially marked  Red Bull Doodle Cards, grab a pen, doodle away and enter it into the draw! If you can’t kind find the Red Bull submissions area in your store, just ask one of the friendly Co-op staff members. Don’t worry if you’re not able to make it to a Co-op store  just jump on to; there you can download the official doodle card and upload your entry for submission.

Red Bull Doodle Art will put together the best doodles in an exhibition that takes place in Cape Town on October 24-26. The winning artwork at the Global Final in Cape Town will be featured in a Red Bull Doodle Art merchandise line, which will be available exclusively in the Red Bull Collection! OMG – how freaking amazing is that?!

Important Info You Need To Know 

There will be 20 finalists in Australia, each chosen through social media. The national winner (you’re off to Cape Town!) will be the one who gets the most points, based on style (10 points), creativity (10 points), social media voting (10) and the judges’ opinion (10 points). The application and submission phase in Australia ends at 11:59pm on Sunday 21st September. Three days later, on Wednesday 24th September, the public voting will open until Wednesday 1st October at 11.59pm.

To learn more about the project, visit where you can browse and interact with inspirational pieces of art from around the globe.