You’re the Kind of Girl I Write Songs About

Tim is repeating the HSC, but he can’t focus on his studies when he’s trying to pursue his music career. Mandy is taking a gap year before starting uni, but she has no idea what she wants to do. As the pair drift through Sydney, they meet at a band night at their favourite pub. For Tim, Mandy is the dream girl, the girl he writes songs about. While they try to decide the direction of their lives and futures, they fall in love… You’re The Kind of Girl I Write Songs About is a début novel from a new Australian author, David Herborn. Filled with young romance and music, this is a sweet book to read.

Things I liked about this book – it was witty, cute, and nicely written. David Herborn has amazing talent for driving the narrative along in a laconic, dreamy way. If you’re a fan of music this is the book for you, with indie-alternative bands, bands so hipster they don’t exist yet and the greatest hits of the 1980s all given pride of place and lovingly referenced in this awesome YA novel.

Also, this book is set in Sydney. It’s so exciting to read about the characters hanging out in pubs that actually exist!

As a début novel, it’s a well-written and uplifting book. If you love music and romance then be sure to get You’re The Kind of Girl I Write Songs About when it arrives in-store and online on May 1, 2015.


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