Z: A novel of Zelda Fitzgerald

Z: A Novel of Zelda FitzgeraldI loved this book! Z: A Novel of Zelda Fitzgerald is a fictional account of Zelda Fitzgerald’s life based on as much factual information as the author could obtain. I knew very little about Zelda before I read this book however I instantly liked her. She was a beautiful and rebellious girl who grew up in a conservative family in the American south. She met Scott Fitzgerald as a teenager and ended up marrying him and moving to New York.

Their lives seemed dream like – the parties, the outfits and the jewels and the travel. It all started to unravel and reading this from Zelda’s point of view it does seem like a lot of it was Scott’s doing. Zelda comes across as a talented woman who, if she’d been born in our time, would have been as famous as somebody like Lady Gaga. Instead she struggled to find her own voice and assert her independence. As much as this couple were pushing boundaries, it seems that Scott still wanted to be a dominant husband when it suited him and was maybe a little threatened by Zelda’s talents when he was struggling. Ernest Hemingway seems to have been a source of much angst, so much so that I think I’ll struggle to read one of his books for a while!

I felt really sorry for Zelda in that she never seemed to have any control, which I guess was the way it was for women at the time. Regardless of their troubles it seems that these two shared a deep love for each other which makes it really sad that they didn’t get to grow old together.

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